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Monday, April 21, 2008

The end of the beginning

I spent Friday night with two friends of mine, a couple. Javier's was heaving. There was much time and margaritas in the bar before a table was finally ready. Through snatches of conversation that occurred when the respective partner was out of the room, I discovered that they were realizing something that I'd know for a long time...

Their relationship is over.

It is especially sad for me, because I held them up on a pedestal. They were the example of what I might have someday if I were lucky.

Depressed and wanting to detach myself from the world of feelings, I finally managed to track down a mandelbug in one of my libraries, using the awesome-yet-rarely-useful Valgrind.

School-boy error #1.

chtype *c_str = (chtype *) malloc (sizeof (chtype) + (len + 1));

If you don't see the mistake right away, I'm stripping you of your professional hacker's license.


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